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1900 Simca engine

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  • Year Built 1900

1937 - Simca - 8

£14,425.00 (€16,954.63)($20,130.23)
This extensively restored 1937 Simca 8 Berline sedan has the 1.089 CC, 4 cylinder engine with manual gearbox. The beautifully designed body has a beautiful blue paintwork. The interior is in very good condition and has a beige upholstery. Are you looking for a great Simca from the thirties in a beautiful blue colour? For more information or a personal shop video, please contact one of our sales people.
  • 1115 Km
  • Year Built 1937
  • 1089 Engine

1950 - Simca - 8

£17,111.00 (€20,111.65)($23,878.57)
The Simca 8 is a compact family car, which was built from 1939 to 1951. This car came out of the factory in Nanterre, France, in 1950 and is built as a 4-door Saloon. This Simca 8 is in very nice condition and is visibly well maintained. The stylish dark red paint and the chrome are in good condition. A beautiful classic car with suicide doors, classic closed wheels and yellow headlights. Take a seat in the two-tone interior, start the 1221cc four-cylinder engine and make fantastic journeys in which you can imagine yourself back in the 1950s. You are very welcome in our showroom to come and see this Simca 8 Berline.
  • 11167 Km
  • Year Built 1950
  • 1221 Engine

1934 Simca Altro

£15,314.40 (€18,000.00)($21,371.40)
SIMCA FIAT BALILLA 4 MARCE 4 PORTELink Motors Ragusa propone in vendita antica e famosa vettura anteguerra costruita in Francia dalla Simca su licenza Fiat, vettura in buonissimo stato di mantenimento, completa di tutti i...
  • 27867 Km
  • Year Built 1934
  • 995 Engine

1957 Simca Vedette Versailles

£15,739.80 (€18,500.00)($21,965.06)
When was the last time you saw a Simca Vedette? The Simca Vedette came about after Simca took over the Ford France plant. With this came the opportunity to bring the V8 Vedette on to the market. The 2.4 litre “flathead” V8 engine was, even for those times, a fairly modest affair.
  • 73428 Km
  • Year Built 1957

1950 Simca 8 1200 Barquette Gordini...

£37,392.67 (€43,950.00)($52,181.85)
We have managed to buy in something really special for you. A Simca 8 1200 Barquette Gordini Replica. We can say nothing other than the fact this is a very nicely built lightweight racer. The car has been built around a steel Simca 8 frame with a handmade aluminium body.
  • 1054 Km
  • Year Built 1950