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1951 Riley RMD . DHC LHD ''51

Price On Request
Very nice, original and good driving Riley DHC from 1951. Nice original 2.5 ltr twincam engine is still in it! Very special and very nice solid car without any rust. very rare ! Only 502 are produced !! You can drive it...
  • Year Built 1951

1952 Riley 2.5 ltr RMB RHD

£10,679.22 (€11,850.00)($13,300.44)
Very original and nice, perfect driveable Riley for sale. New leather interior, nice original wooden dash and a very good, good running engine. It comes with the 2.5 ltr twincam engine with the two carberettors. Biggest...
  • Year Built 1952

1950 Riley RMB 1.5 ltr

£11,219.94 (€12,450.00)($13,973.88)
A VERY solid and original 1950 Riley RMB 1.5 ltr. It has a very good body and left hand drive. However, the engine is not running now but we make it running before it goes . no problem . Biggest choice in REAL Classic Cars...
  • Year Built 1950

1950 Riley 2.5 ltr RMD DHC

£16,897.49 (€18,750.00)($21,045.00)
A VERY solid and complete 1950 Riley 2.5 ltr RMD DHC. One of the only 500! that were ever made. With a good running engine as well. Imported in Europe and all import duties have been paid. Biggest choice in REAL Classic...
  • Year Built 1950

1950 Riley RMC

£49,115.38 (€54,500.00)($61,170.80)
The Riley RMC was produced from 1948 to 1951. In 1949 Riley announced the production of some RHD cars. The post-war steel shortage made it difficult to produce enough LH and RHD vehicles. Riley produced 507 RMC’s in total.
  • Year Built 1950

1936 Riley Big Four Special

£124,816.16 (€138,500.00)($155,452.41)
Very beautiful Riley ‘Big Four Special’ from 1936. This car is completely built up new a few years ago and equipped with a handmade TT Sprite body based on a Riley Kestrel. This is done very professionally by a recommended German specialist.
  • 30826 Km
  • Year Built 1936