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1980 Ford Thunderbird

£8,966.94 (€9,950.00)($11,167.88)
This Thunderbird is in a very good condition, the paint and interior are both very well maintained. The engine runs excellent and the transmission smoothly. The Thunderbird is equipped with power steering and power brakes. This car is...
  • Year Built 1980
  • 5000 Engine

1979 Ford Thunderbird

£16,176.53 (€17,950.00)($20,147.08)
This car just came in. More information and additional pictures will follow as soon as possible. For more information you should contact us. US Import, This car already has been imported. All import taxes and fees are already paid for. The...
  • Year Built 1979

1977 Ford LTD

£17,077.73 (€18,950.00)($21,269.48)
This beautiful Ford LTD is in a excellent original condition! The paint is near perfect and the interior of the LTD is as new. The low Mileage of 17,279 miles makes the LTD something special. The massive 6.6 liter engine runs perfect and...
  • Year Built 1977

1947 Ford Panel truck ''47

£17,573.39 (€19,500.00)($21,886.80)
Nice Ford panel truck. Restored, but not finished yet. Perfect body and Original engine.We can finish the restoration for you, or you can finish it yourself. Most parts are new with it.The price 19.500 euro is ''as-is''. ...
  • Year Built 1947

1928 Ford Model A Deluxe Roadster

£19,781.33 (€21,950.00)($24,636.68)
This Model A drives excellent and is a very popular Roadster. The Roadster has the Deluxe package which makes it very special. This car is in fairly good condition. The chrome, the beautiful spoke wheels and the interior are all in top...
  • Year Built 1928
  • 3300 Engine

1954 Ford Custom

£22,484.93 (€24,950.00)($28,003.88)
Customers were sure to notice this new Ford. The nice paint of the Ford is in a very good condition and chrome shines very bright. The 3.6 Liter 6 cilinder engine runs great and supplies 115HP. The gearbox shifts excellent. The interior of...
  • Year Built 1954

1966 Ford Mustang

£24,287.33 (€26,950.00)($30,248.68)
This is a very nice and beautiful Mustang in a very good condition. The vinyl top, the rims and the beautiful paint give this Mustang his extra flair. The 289cui engine runs great and gives the perfect Mustang sound. The gearbox shifts...
  • Year Built 1966

1914 Ford Model T

£25,188.53 (€27,950.00)($31,371.08)
The T-Ford Speedster is true classic car from the beginning of the 1900's which is designed and developed by Henry Ford and it was build until 1927. The T-Ford was called the Tin Lizzie or in German "BlechLieschen". With the T-Ford Ford created...
  • Year Built 1914

1971 Ford Ranchero

£26,089.73 (€28,950.00)($32,493.48)
A Ranchero like this one is not easy to find. The condition is absolutely perfect. The paint is just like the chrome very well maintained and shines bright like a diamond. The engine runs great and the automatic transmission shifts really...
  • Year Built 1971

1926 Ford Model T

£26,990.93 (€29,950.00)($33,615.88)
This beautiful Model T is perfect as a commercial truck or as a hobby car for the enthusiast. The Model T is in a great condition and runs perfect. The Paint of the Model is in a excellent condition and the interior is also perfect.
  • 160932 Km
  • Year Built 1926

1965 Ford Galaxie 500 XL 390cui Big...

£28,793.33 (€31,950.00)($35,860.68)
Here we have a truly wonderful Convertible with the beloved 390cui Big Block engine. the Galaxie is in a very good condition. The 6.4 liter engine runs very good and the automatic gearbox shifts excellent.
  • 85218 Km
  • Year Built 1965

1965 Ford Mustang

£29,694.53 (€32,950.00)($36,983.08)
This Mustang is a real man's dream. Beautifully executed in white with  black interior, he is just great! 200 hp drive the pony car and worry for the real Mustang sound. The well-maintained strong V8 engine is running  very good and the...
  • Year Built 1965

1920 Ford Model T Truck

£31,496.93 (€34,950.00)($39,227.88)
This chic Model T Panel Wagon is based on the Ford Model TT, the truck variant of the Model T. This unique panel wagon is in good condition and a real eye-catcher.
  • Year Built 1920

1947 Ford Pick Up V8 Flathead

£33,299.33 (€36,950.00)($41,472.68)
A Classic American Pickup is a dream of many men. This Ford is in a really good condition and a sight for sore eyes. The beautiful paint is in a very good condition and the chrome shines brightly. The cargo area is equipped with very nice...
  • Year Built 1947
  • 3900 Engine

1965 Ford Mustang

£35,101.73 (€38,950.00)($43,717.48)
This beautiful Mustang is very nice and sporty. The interior is in a excellent condition and matched the optics of the Mustang perfect. The 289 engine runs perfect, has the right Mustang sound and the gearbox shifts perfect.
  • 5624 Km
  • Year Built 1965

1965 Ford Mustang GT Optiek

£37,805.33 (€41,950.00)($47,084.68)
This Black Mustang with sporty GT look is in very good condition. The V8 engine of the Mustang runs excellent and the automatic transmission shifts perfectly. The paint of the Mustang is in a very good condition and the chrome shines brightly.
  • 71387 Km
  • Year Built 1965

1928 Ford Model A

£38,706.53 (€42,950.00)($48,207.08)
This car just came in. More pictures will follow as soon as possible. This is a very nice Ford Model A Phaeton. The paint of the Model is in a excellent condition and the chrome shines nice. The 4 cilinder engine runs perfect and the...
  • Year Built 1928

1954 Ford F-100 Stepside

£34,521.63 (€38,306.31)($42,995.00)
This frame-off restored 1954 Ford F100 Stepside pickup offers a great-looking Sea Sprite Green paint job, classic black interior, and a reliable all-Ford driveline that's as good as new. For about the same price as a used...
  • 8382 Km
  • Year Built 1954
  • 292 Engine

1936 Ford Model 68 Pickup

£42,311.32 (€46,950.00)($52,696.68)
This Ford Model 68 pickup is very nice. The Ford pickups from these years are beloved with hot rod builders and customizers. This Ford Model 68 Pickup has been restored to be as original as possible. As you can see on the pictures, the previous...
  • Year Built 1936
  • 3600 Engine

1953 Ford Sunliner Convertible...

£42,311.32 (€46,950.00)($52,696.68)
This 1953 Ford Sunliner one of the very first Indianapolis 500 Pace Cars were produced which. In 1953 the golden jubilee of Henry Ford and Ford got the honor to build the first pace car for the Indy 500th The Ford Pace Cars were built in an...
  • Year Built 1953
  • 3900 Engine

1940 Ford Custom Pickup

£40,065.81 (€44,458.30)($49,900.00)
This pickup has a lot of style and is very well built. Not only does it look slick rolling down the road but it does it very well. If you are in the market for this type of pickup then this is definitely one you need to check out.
  • Year Built 1940

1967 Ford Mustang Convertible

£45,014.92 (€49,950.00)($56,063.88)
This car just came in. More information and additional pictures will follow as soon as possible.
  • 99091 Km
  • Year Built 1967

1958 Ford Fairlane Skyliner

£69,347.32 (€76,950.00)($86,368.68)
The Ford Fairlane from 1958 was the most expensive and luxurious model from Ford at the time. With its classic lines from the 50's,the amazing "retractable" convertible metal top which and controllable with a push on the button this car is just...
  • 25360 Km
  • Year Built 1958

1959 Ford Fairlane 500 Retractable...

£76,556.91 (€84,950.00)($95,347.88)
This Fairlane is generally in an excellent overall condition. The lot of chrome is fantastic and the beautiful two-tone white-blue paint also has a beautiful and complete shine.
  • 61237 Km
  • Year Built 1959