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1951 Crosley Fire Engine Hook and...

£28,925.95 (€34,250.96)($37,998.00)
This Kiddie Hook and Ladder Fire Tuck Amusement Ride was purchased new in 1951 by the Whalom Amusement Park and used for 49 years until the park closed down in 2000. Whalom Amusement Park was one of the first amusement...
  • Year Built 1951

1948 Crosley Hot Rod C/A Altered

£30,446.17 (€36,051.03)($39,995.00)
This 1948 Crosley C/A Altered dragster is what state-of-the-art in drag racing looked like in the early '60s. Minimalist bodywork, an extended frame, and one big honkin' engine. Along the way, you'll discover some very...
  • 45000 Km
  • Year Built 1948
  • 468 Engine