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1973 Ford TORINO

£3,455.19 ($4,450.00)(€3,783.69)
1973 was a successful year for the Torino, with a total of 496,581 units being sold. In the Car and Driver road test of the ’73 Torino, the suspension received high marks for comfort and handling. Car and Driver wrote that the Torino was as “Quiet as a Jaguar, smooth as...
  • 265067 Km
  • Year Built 1973

1974 Ford Econoline

£5,046.91 ($6,500.00)(€5,526.74)
Who would have thought that the vans of the 70's would ever be considered classic? Well they are and here is a prime example of a fine running 1974 Econoline. Do have a muscle car or street rod? Well why not drive a classic to work? This classic Econoline can be the daily driver your other hot...
  • Year Built 1974

1951 Ford Customline

£11,825.68 ($15,230.50)(€12,950.00)
Very nice Ford Customline from 1951. Perfectly running V8 engine and the car is lightly customised. Very nice paint , very nice straight body . Biggest choice in REAL Classic Cars in "the Stolze Collection" , with more than 450 in stock.! from a project to perfect .!
  • Year Built 1951

1965 Ford Mustang Hardtop Coupe

£15,980.66 ($20,581.76)(€17,500.00)
 ***FOR SALE FOR MUSTANG TE KOOP : Direct from sunny California . ***This nice bleu metallic Mustang 1965. With the 289ci V8 automatic transmission powersteering, rust free Mustang, nice bleu interior**.***85 Mustang's in stock by in Westerlo Belgium  '25 Years...
  • 63326 Km
  • Year Built 1965
  • 4700 Engine

1967 Ford Mustang Coupe

£15,980.66 ($20,581.76)(€17,500.00)
 ***FOR SALE FORD MUSTANG TE KOOP :this nice zilver Mustang build in 1967 . He is equiped with the 289ci V8 4700 cc engine, automatic transmission and powersteering . This is a nice rust free Mustang .-.***85 Mustang's in stock by in Westerlo Belgium  '25 Years...
  • 39541 Km
  • Year Built 1967
  • 4700 Engine

1968 Ford Mustang ''68 red

£16,893.84 ($21,757.86)(€18,500.00)
Very nice cabriolet.Perfectly running and driving.Original and complete.Comes with power steering. Needs work on the floors. Biggest choice in REAL Classic Cars in "the Stolze Collection" , more than 450 in stock.! from a project to perfect .!
  • Year Built 1968

1970 Ford Mustang Coupe

£17,807.02 ($22,933.96)(€19,500.00)
 *FOR SALE FORD MUSTANG TE KOOP : Straight out of Sunny California :We found also a 1970 Mustng coupe, in very nice condition with his black paint .  A very good driver with the  302 ci V8 engine 5000 cc, automatic transmission and powersteering. ........***85 Mustang's in stock by...
  • 44622 Km
  • Year Built 1970
  • 5000 Engine

1967 Ford Mustang ''67 convertible

£19,633.38 ($25,286.16)(€21,500.00)
Very nice Mustang Convertible from 1967.Strong running 8 cil engine. Very solid and rustfree car! Original good driving car! Biggest choice in REAL Classic Cars in "the Stolze Collection" , more than 450 in stock.! from a project to perfect .!
  • Year Built 1967

1962 Ford thunderbird T-Bird

£20,546.56 ($26,462.26)(€22,500.00)
 **FOR SALE FORD Thunderbird TE KOOP : Straight out of Sunny California : saw this car when i was driving by but nobody was home, the owner called me back that he wanted to sell his car to me, but i was already 500 miles away from him, so  i called a friend who was so nice enough to pick up the...
  • 80533 Km
  • Year Built 1962
  • 6384 Engine

1965 Ford Mustang ''65 Convertible

£21,459.74 ($27,638.36)(€23,500.00)
Super nice Ford Mustang convertible from 1965.Very solid and original car. Original floors and it''s good running. Perfect useable car as is! Biggest choice in REAL Classic Cars in "the Stolze Collection" , more than 450 in stock.! from a project to perfect .!
  • Year Built 1965

1973 Ford Mustang

£20,886.44 ($26,900.00)(€22,872.20)
1973 Ford Mustang Convertible Muscle cars belong to a class all there own and one of the known models throughout the world is the classic Mustang.& From starting production in 1965 (or halfway through 64) the Mustang has ...
  • 75695 Km
  • Year Built 1973

1951 Ford CLUB COUPE

£23,215.78 ($29,900.00)(€25,423.00)
1951 FORD CLUB COUPE This is a great 51 Ford Club Coupe. It is a real 50s style custom that gets good gas mileage and features a lot of body customizations. Some of them are the '54 Oldsmobile Side Trim, Frenched Head Lights & Tail Lights and the '54 Ford Grill with the center section...
  • Year Built 1951

1966 Ford Mustang Coupe

£29,678.36 ($38,223.26)(€32,500.00)
 ***FOR SALE FORD MUSTANG TE KOOP : Straight out of Sunny California  this Mustang convertible in Sunny California, He is build on 27 May 1966 in Washington . This is very good driver with the 289ci V8 engine with the Manual transmission. He looks runs and drives great--.***85 Mustang's in stock...
  • 96873 Km
  • Year Built 1966
  • 4700 Engine

1934 Ford 3W Coupe Street Beast

£29,466.18 ($37,950.00)(€32,267.65)
When it comes to Street Rods, none look more classy and luxurious than the '34 Ford. With its wide flowing fenders it is sure to catch anyone's attention. Painted with a beautiful Copper Sunset two stage paint that has been color sanded and buffed to a deep shine, this car really stands out. It ...
  • Year Built 1934

1933 Ford Vicky

£36,493.03 ($47,000.00)(€39,962.57)
Its a shame you don't see more Vicky sedans cruising around because they are just one of the coolest bodystyles out there. The long swooping fenders of a 33 combined with the slight rake makes this Ford really stand out.This car was built in 2005 but is still fresh car will only 4,000 miles. The...
  • 6437 Km
  • Year Built 1933

1947 Ford Tudor

£43,869.29 ($56,500.00)(€48,040.12)
1947 Ford Custom Tudor Arguable one of the coolest decades for cars had to be the 40's.& Cars started getting faster and the look drastically changed.& Suddenly the completely separated fenders were more fused into the bo...
  • 6856 Km
  • Year Built 1947

1957 Ford Fairlane 500 Retractable

£56,730.57 ($73,064.27)(€62,124.17)
The 1957 Ford re-design resulted in the new Fairlane series being 2 1/2" longer and 5" lower than previous models, but the big news was the introduction of the Skyliner, the world's only true hardtop convertible. A fully automatic retracting hardtop at the touch of a button.
  • Year Built 1957

1932 Ford 3 Window Coupe Hi Boy

£45,228.07 ($58,250.00)(€49,528.08)
In describing this wonderful car we cannot fully describe the detail that has gone into its construction. There was absolutely no expense spared in the components used. From the paint & body to the suspension, it is all done right. The Kilborne 1932 3 window coupe body has great lines...
  • 7564 Km
  • Year Built 1932

1933 Ford Factory Five Custom...

£46,198.63 ($59,500.00)(€50,590.92)
1933 Ford Factory Five Roadster Wow! That is all you can say about a car like this. It has the look that lets you know it is just something special. This factory five roadster has the appearance that wins shows and the performance that wins races. It is practically a race car in disguise. This ...
  • Year Built 1933

1947 Ford Convertible

£50,469.09 ($65,000.00)(€55,267.39)
You are looking at a gorgeous 1947 Ford Convertible with just the right touch of class and custom to make it stand out in any crowd.& It's fiberglass body is coated in a beautiful turquoise paint this street rod shines in the sunl...
  • 41107 Km
  • Year Built 1947

1934 Ford 3 Window Custom Coupe

£52,410.21 ($67,500.00)(€57,393.06)
1934 Ford 3 Window The 1934 Ford continues to be one of the most widely sought after Street Rods out there. There may be other cars on the market but purchasing this awesome 3 Window will get you a lot more than your standard plain street rod. This beautiful street machine comes with a couple o...
  • 36220 Km
  • Year Built 1934

1939 Ford Custom Roadster

£54,273.68 ($69,900.00)(€59,433.70)
1939 Ford - Coast to Coast Custom There are a lot of custom cars out there but the quality ones are few and far between.& This 1939 Ford Coast to Coast Custom is one of those that clearly sits above the rest.& Checkin...
  • 322 Km
  • Year Built 1939

1933 Ford Custom Pick Up

£69,492.06 ($89,500.00)(€76,098.94)
If you don't like attention or winning awards then you may want to check out another ad, because this custom is like a magnet at any car show. This 1933 Ford Pick Up is a beautiful custom that never goes home without a trophy. The truck is coated in Blue pearl metallic with Harlequin flames whic...
  • Year Built 1933

1929 Ford 5 Window Custom Coupe

£104,820.42 ($135,000.00)(€114,786.12)
1929 Ford 5 Window Coupe Before you saw a reality TV show on every channel cameras were following around the legendary Boyd Coddington as he rose to the top of the custom car world on his show American Hot Rod.& Shows ...
  • 13 Km
  • Year Built 1929