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1979 - Volkswagen - Beetle

£34,032.00 (€39,999.99)($47,492.00)
This beautiful 1979 VW Beetle 1303 LS Cabriolet has been extensively restored in the past. The combination between the black paint and the beige Sonnenland soft top is very nice. The interior of this classic car is in very good condition and has a beautiful wooden steering wheel. The unique thing about this VW Beetle is that it is equipped with original air conditioning that has been overhauled by us.
  • 138765 Km
  • Year Built 1979
  • 1584 Engine

1988 - Peugeot - 205

£25,504.00 (€29,976.48)($35,591.09)
We offer here for sale a very rare Peugeot 205 GTi Gutmann. This special version of the Peugeot 205 GTi is equipped with a 1.9 liter block with Gutmann camshaft. This engine produces no less than 140 HP. Equipped with a Gutmann rear silencer, the car not only has a lot of power, it also makes a fantastic sound. The car is painted in a beautiful red colour with unique striping. Equipped with original Gutmann rims, spoiler and other accessories make it a unique appearance. This 205 GTi Gutmann is in very good technical condition. The engine and gearbox have been overhauled and the car has new fuel lines, brake lines, brake discs and brake pads.
  • 265761 Km
  • Year Built 1988
  • 1905 Engine

1986 - Nissan - 300ZX

£18,699.00 (€21,978.13)($26,094.64)
We offer for sale this very well maintained Nissan 300ZX Automatic. A unique appearance that you will not easily encounter in Europe. The previous owner has kept the complete maintenance history and has always treated the classic with great care. All invoices for the maintenance performed are present.
  • 91449 Km
  • Year Built 1986
  • 2960 Engine

1950 - Opel - Olympia

£17,000.00 (€19,981.19)($23,723.67)
This Opel Olympia was built in 1950. It is a 2-door sedan version. A rare model of the Opel Olympia, this type with the characteristic wheel on the back was only built in 1950. The paintwork is deep dark blue with many chrome accents around the car. The interior is equipped with beautiful grey fabric upholstery, steel dashboard and classic three-spoke steering wheel. The Opel is equipped with a 1.488cc four-cylinder engine and manual gearbox. Are you looking for a very special German classic? This Opel Olympia is present in our showroom. You're very welcome.
  • 45306 Km
  • Year Built 1950
  • 1488 Engine

1952 Saurer L4C Alpenwagen

£33,181.21 (€39,000.00)($46,304.71)
This Saurer L4C Touringcar was sourced in Switzerland and is an authentic state. The bus is in working order and has been driven. It has wonderful Krapf bodywork ending in its characteristic ‘nose’. The bus represents a great opportunity for restoration. Saurer was one of the oldest and well known Swiss HGV manufacturers and one of the pioneers in making strong diesel engines.  
  • Year Built 1952

1917 Mitchell D40 Junior Touring...

£14,889.00 (€17,500.00)($20,777.75)
RESTORATION PROJECT. Unique Mitchell D-40 Junior Touring. The Mitchell is an American mark, produced in Racine, Wisconsin. This example is from 1917, it has a 5-seater convertible and a six-cylinder engine. This is a proper unique over 100-year-old piece of automotive history in original condition. Of course, perfectly suited for promotional purposes.  
  • Year Built 1917

2010 Maybach 57 6.0 V12 S Xenatec...

£676,386.21 (€795,000.00)($943,903.72)
Wilhelm Maybach started building the most luxurious cars from 1910 on. The brand always remained a local niche player, selling few cars. In 1960 Mercedes-Benz was able to acquire the rights to the brand. The brand stayed dormant in the Mercedes-Benz safe for nearly 40 years. Then in 1997, they decided to resurrect the brand. The plan was to bring a super limousine on the market. The client profile would be those who had outgrown the S-class and were ready to step up to Bentley or Rolls-Royce.  
  • Year Built 2010

1972 - Citroen - 2CV

£19,539.00 (€22,965.44)($27,266.87)
This Citroën 2CV was built in 1972 and was originally delivered in the Netherlands. The car is in a beautiful condition and is ready for many wonderful old-timer tours. The light blue paintwork and the black interior are in beautiful condition. This 2CV is equipped with a 602cc 2-cylinder engine for more power and front disc brakes. Because of this, the 2CV has just a bit more flexibility and you will get along well in the current traffic. Open the roof, imagine yourself in "la douce France" and enjoy this beautiful Citroën 2CV. You are very welcome in our showroom to see this 2CV.
  • 62779 Km
  • Year Built 1972
  • 602 Engine

1991 - Jaguar - XJR

£16,991.00 (€19,970.61)($23,711.11)
This Jaguar XJR is equipped with a very powerful 3,980 cc 6-cylinder in-line engine with automatic gearbox. The car is also equipped with a sport mode, which will make the car feel stiffer and sportier. This Jaguar XJR was created by a collaboration between Jaguar and Tom Walkingshaw Racing, better known as the English TWR. The engine of this XJR has been given a different camshaft, intake and exhaust manifolds, which improves the performance. A nice detail on these modified engines is the characteristic red plate on the valve cover with the indication Jaguar Sport.
  • 190200 Km
  • Year Built 1991
  • 3980 Engine

1970 Intermeccanica Italia Coupé

£50,197.22 (€59,000.00)($70,050.72)
Construzione Automobili Intermeccanica was the name used when car manufacturer Intermeccanica started up their company in 1959. It started in Torino, Italy, subsequently moved to the States, then to Canada. The 60’s are nicknamed the “Swinging 60’s” and Intermeccanica was smack bang in the middle of it! Initially, the company only produced tuning kits for Formula Juniors, a popular entry class for aspiring racing drivers. Later they started to build cars.  
  • Year Built 1970

1988 - BMW - 325

£15,288.00 (€17,968.96)($21,334.56)
We offer for sale this beautiful BMW 325 IX with four-wheel drive. This classic car comes from the private collection of a regular customer of ERclassics, who has had this car in its collection for more than 6 years. The BMW is well maintained and finds itself in a neat condition. The car has a sporty 6 cylinder engine to drive beautiful tours. Do you want to buy a BMW 325? Please contact us about this car by e-mail or telephone and ask for a personal shop video or visit our showroom.
  • 272126 Km
  • Year Built 1988
  • 2500 Engine

1922 Gwynne Eight standard 2 seater

£21,227.47 (€24,950.00)($29,623.14)
This is probably the last chance you will ever have to own a Gwynne Eight “Standard 2-seater”. Our Gwynne Eight left the factory in 1922 and now nearly a hundred years later, she is the only one left. We are as fully certain as possible it is most unlikely there is a second Gwynne in existence. When it was last sold back in 1965 (can you believe it?), there was a rumour of a second Gwynne. To this very day, no further mention or sighting of this car has been reported.  
  • Year Built 1922

1961 Fairthorpe Elektron Sport...

£22,078.27 (€25,950.00)($30,810.44)
Fairthorpe was a small car builder in Chalfont St Peter in Buckinghamshire, the UK. Fairthorpe started in the 50’s building small lightweight sports cars. These were either available as a kit or fully built. The engine came out of a Triumph or Coventry Climax. As engine space was at a premium, small engine size units were always used.  
  • Year Built 1961

1952 Delahaye 235 Convertible by...

£339,469.30 (€399,000.00)($473,732.81)
This is the ultimate in French grandeur! The car we have is a very special Delahaye! It is a Delahaye 235 convertible by Antem! The Delahaye 235 succeed the 135 series, built between 1935 and early 1954. The 235 series has the famous and renowned 3500 cc 6-cylinder, triple carburettor engine producing 152 Hp and a top speed of 180 km/hr.  
  • Year Built 1952

1986 - Volkswagen - Golf

£21,249.00 (€24,975.31)($29,653.19)
This Volkswagen Golf GTI was delivered new in 1986. The car is equipped with the 1781CC, 4 cylinder engine and a 5-speed manual gearbox and has only run 83.400 kms. This beautiful GTI 16V is equipped with the beautiful black paintwork combined with the beautiful grey interior. The GTI details and the radio make the car even more beautiful. Are you looking for a Volkswagen Golf GTI 16V in very good condition? Contact us for more information or a personal shop video.
  • 83400 Km
  • Year Built 1986
  • 1781 Engine

1963 Borgward Isabella Coupé

£33,989.47 (€39,950.00)($47,432.65)
If you are searching for something special, look no further, we have an amazing Borgward Isabella Coupé. According to Borgward connoisseurs, it is the prettiest Borgward ever made. At first sight, this specific example appears to be due to be fully restored. Nothing is further from the truth. Appearances deceive when it comes to this Borgward.  
  • Year Built 1963

1960 Berna 5U 550 T2LM-K Three-sided...

£19,525.87 (€22,950.00)($27,248.54)
Project: Berna was a Swiss manufacturer of busses and lorries and existed form 1965 to 1978. This Berna 5U 550 T2LM-K is in exceptional original condition with only 395,000 km on the clock. The tipper has 3 axles which allows for backward and both left and right sideways tipping. The chassis is completely original and in very good, rust-free, condition. The engine runs and the lorry brakes and steers as it should.  
  • Year Built 1960

1979 - Chevrolet - Camaro

£29,719.00 (€34,930.64)($41,473.16)
This Chevrolet Camaro was delivered new in the USA. The beloved Z28 model is from 1979. This classic is equipped with the 5733 cc V8 engine with the automatic gearbox. The tough appearance of the car is supported by a beautiful black paint. The paintwork also combines beautifully with the beautiful vinyl interior. Are you looking for a nice Chevrolet Camaro Z28? Get in touch with us.
  • 129951 Km
  • Year Built 1979
  • 5733 Engine

1959 - Volkswagen - Beetle

£24,647.00 (€28,969.20)($34,395.13)
This Beetle comes from sunny Portugal where it was extensively restored by its previous owner in the past. Both technically and optically, this classic VW is in very good condition. The uniqueness of this Volkswagen Beetle is its beautiful paint. The beautiful light blue paint emphasizes the beautiful lines of this Beetle. The combination with the chrome and the classic look of the white walls make it a real eye-catcher. The interior has light red upholstery, which contrasts nicely with the metallic paintwork. The dashboard is in very good condition and is equipped with the popular grilles and large counter in the middle.
  • 25436 Km
  • Year Built 1959
  • 1192 Engine

1972 - Mercedes - 350SL

£22,917.00 (€26,935.82)($31,980.90)
This 1972 Mercedes-Benz 350SL convertible is in good condition and has the powerful 3,499cc V8 engine with automatic gearbox. The body is finished in a beautiful Tunis beige metallic paint in combination with a good black soft top. The interior has a beautiful green upholstery with leather seats. A period correct Becker Europa Kurier radio is present in the dashboard. This Mercedes Benz 350SL has a hard top. Are you looking for a beautiful Mercedes-Benz convertible with a powerful engine? For more information or a personal shop video, please contact one of our sales people.
  • 194181 Km
  • Year Built 1972
  • 3499 Engine

1965 - Lancia - Fulvia

£14,413.00 (€16,940.52)($20,113.49)
The Lancia that we hereby offer for sale is a beautiful Fulvia Berlina 2C that was built in 1965. The car was delivered to its first owner in Italy. This classic Italian saloon has a dark blue paint with white wheels and a brown interior, a fantastic colour combination. Under the hood is the smooth and powerful 1.091cc V4 engine with double Solex carburetors, standard for the Fulvia 2C. A very good driving and comfortable car with space for four people! Are you looking for a special and in good condition Italian classic? Contact us for more information about this Lancia Fulvia Berlina 2C.
  • 11167 Km
  • Year Built 1965
  • 1091 Engine

1972 - MG - MGB

£19,548.00 (€22,976.02)($27,279.43)
This 1972 MG MGB Roadster is in very good condition and has the 1798 CC, 4 cylinder engine and manual gearbox with the popular overdrive. The body has a very nice red paint and a black soft top. The beautiful interior has black upholstery. The beautiful chrome is in good condition and looks very nice in combination with the red colour. Are you looking for a very good MG MGB with overdrive? For more information or a personal shop video, please contact one of our sales people.
  • 76749 Km
  • Year Built 1972
  • 1798 Engine

1976 - Triumph - Stag

£25,506.00 (€29,978.83)($35,593.88)
The previous owner of this Stag has always maintained it with great love and the maintenance history is known and recorded in invoices. Even the original instruction booklets are still present. This classic car is equipped with the original Triumph V8 engine with automatic gearbox. Besides the fact that this Triumph Stag is technically well maintained, it is also optically in a very good condition. The classic has recently been provided with a beautiful new blue paint. This paint is really fantastic with all the chrome details and the chrome wire wheels. In the interior you will find a beautiful light brown leather upholstery and wooden dashboard.
  • 26634 Km
  • Year Built 1976
  • 2997 Engine

1932 Avions Voisin C23

£191,430.06 (€225,000.00)($267,142.56)
The Avions Voisin C23 was first introduced in 1931. The car being positioned between the entry and the top models. The C23 has a 3 litre Knight sleeve-valve engine built under license by Avions Voisin. 335 of the Avions Voisin C23 were eventually built. The C23 has the typical Avions Voisin design style influenced by the aviation industry. The minimalistic rear lights, the bars attaching the front bumpers are all there in this special French creation.  
  • Year Built 1932

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