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1988 - Volvo - 340DL

£8,719.00 ($11,507.73)(€9,910.21)
For sale is this fully original firsthand 1988 Volvo 340 DL with 23.480 original kms on the clock. One owner car, fully original first paint, interior, wheels etc. Car is in Petrol Blue and has normal traces of use as a car with this kilometres has. Kilometers is guaranteed and car has drive every year only little (proof present), maintenance books and even the original Volvo servicepas is present. Fantastic original Volvo that you hardly ever come across. Car is fitted with 4 speed gearbox.
  • 23480 Km
  • Year Built 1988
  • 1397 Engine

1968 - Triumph - Spitfire

£8,908.00 ($11,757.18)(€10,125.03)
This Triumph was originally delivered in Holland in 1968. The Spitfire MK3 has white paint with the original black leatherette interior. The car drives, brakes and shifts gear very well. The car has valid Holland APK. It is a great car for the hobbyist who wants to drive next to giving attention to the car.
  • 9999 Km
  • Year Built 1968
  • 1296 Engine

1973 Volkswagen Beetle

£9,804.00 ($12,939.76)(€11,143.44)
This originally in Holland delivered Beetle has had only 2 owners since 1973. Recently the car has been provided with new paint and even the dashboard got new details in the paint colour. The interior was provided with new black leatherette which makes the car feel as new. Technics are fully checked in our workshop and the car is ready to drive. This great driving Beetle has the original 1296 CC, 34 HP engine.
  • 64985 Km
  • Year Built 1973
  • 1192 Engine

1973 Fiat 500

£11,348.00 ($14,977.60)(€12,898.39)
Fiat has produced the popular 500 from 1960 till 1975. The estate version is known as Giardiniera. Since 1965 the production of the Giardiniera was moved to Autobianchi in Desio. The car kept his ‘suicide doors’and was built till 1977. This is a very beautiful 1973 Giardiniera. The car has beautiful green paint and beige interior, a great combination. The car also has a sunroof. This Giardiniera has the original 499,5 CC, 2 cyl. 22 HP engine. Technical and optical in very good condition.The car is ready for lots of driving fun.
  • 91479 Km
  • Year Built 1973
  • 499 Engine

1976 Lincoln continental

£17,483.00 ($23,074.85)(€19,871.56)
For sale is this beautiful 1976 Lincoln Continental MK4 Lipstick edition. Only few of these editions were built. Original crème white paint, lots of chrome pieces on the car. V8 engine is in good condition and has the great American sound. Interior in white leather with red lipstick details. Seats and windows are electric. This continental drives great and has the optional power brakes and powersteering. Originals books and some invoices of the past are present.
  • 128115 Km
  • Year Built 1976
  • 7536 Engine

1973 - MG - B

£22,147.00 ($29,230.61)(€25,172.77)
This fabulous MGB roadster has beautiful red paint in combination with chromeparts and wire wheels. The MGB is fully restored in our workshop and drives perfect.The car has the powerful 96 HP engine and manual gearbox which makes driving even more pleasant. The interior has black leather and wooden steering wheel. This MGB Roadster is ready for lots of summery driving fun.
  • 6477 Km
  • Year Built 1973
  • 1796 Engine

1954 MG TF

£27,605.00 ($36,434.32)(€31,376.45)
The MG TF 1500 was produced for only 2 years, 3400 pieces were built. This is a 1954 MG in a beautiful dark green colour. The paint is older and has original patina. This MG has a beige Sonnenland softtop, as good as new and new black wire wheels with two-eared spinners. This MG has a black leather interior and a wooden steering wheel. The car has the original 1466CC, 64 HP engine and manual gearbox and is matching numbers. This original MG TF 1500 is ready for lots of driving fun.
  • 129829 Km
  • Year Built 1954
  • 1466 Engine

1993 Jaguar XJS

£29,500.00 ($38,935.43)(€33,530.35)
This fabulous Jaguar XJS cabriolet 4.0 was delivered in the magnificent original Jade Green colour with original Latice wheels. This comfortable convertible has had 2 owners and was very well maintained. Histoy is demonstrable with 61.000 real miles (97.000 kms). The powerful 233 HP, 4.0 engine is in very good condition and drives very comfortable thanks to the automatic gearbox. The interior is very luxurious and has several options such as Cruise Control and seat heating. If you are looking for a chic and luxurious cabriolet, this Jaguar is a good choice.
  • 98494 Km
  • Year Built 1993
  • 4000 Engine

1972 - MB - B

£31,024.00 ($40,946.87)(€35,262.56)
A really beautiful restored 1972 MGB convertible. The MGB has new black paint with new chrome parts and wire wheels. The black leather interior has the original dashboard with chrome clocks. The MG drives great and is ready for lots of driving fun.
  • 136649 Km
  • Year Built 1972
  • 1796 Engine

1973 - Pointiac - Firebird

£31,173.00 ($41,143.53)(€35,431.92)
This Pontiac Firebird Esprit Hardtop coupe was new delivered in 1973. The car has the magnificent Florentine Red-Dark Burgundy paint. The interior has full leather upholstery with wood details. This unique Pontiac came from the first owner and is fully documented. The original purchase invoice, instruction manual and a lot of invoices are present.
  • 162761 Km
  • Year Built 1973
  • 6500 Engine

1965 - Lincoln - Continental

£31,292.00 ($41,300.59)(€35,567.18)
The Lincoln Continental convertible was the most luxurious Lincoln. The model got its famous suicide doors from 1960’s. This 1965 model had beautiful green paint. The green leather interior offers lots of comfort. Dashboard has many original chrome. The softtop is electric and in good shape. The Big Block V8 , 7047CC, 324HP engine has an automatic gearbox and is a very comfortable car to drive.
  • 50714 Km
  • Year Built 1965
  • 7047 Engine

1958 - MG - A

£32,381.00 ($42,737.90)(€36,804.96)
This is marvelous 1958 MGA Roadster. The car has beautiful green paint with several chrom details and wire wheels. The interior is furnished with beige leather and has a dashboard in paint colour with chrome clocks. This chic MGA drives really great and has had major maintenance recently. The engine was fully adjusted, the carburators are revised and the water pump and radiator are replaced. This is a perfect driving and very beautiful MGA. When you are looking for a perfect driving MGA this one is an interesting choice.
  • 43260 Km
  • Year Built 1958
  • 1489 Engine

1978 Mercedes-Benz 280SL

£32,950.00 ($43,488.89)(€37,451.69)
This Mercedes-Benz 280 SL cabriolet was originally delivered in Europe in 1978. The car has the beautiful paint in colour ‘Silberblau’, with a dark blue softtop. This Mercedes has a blue leather interior. The interior is very comfortable and in very good condition. The dashboard has beautiful woodparts. This Mercedes has the original 2746 CC, 6 cyl, 203 HP engine. This Mercedes-Benz 280 SL is a very reliable and comfortable classic car with the original automatic gearbox.
  • 191534 Km
  • Year Built 1978
  • 2746 Engine

1967 - Ford - Mustang

£33,554.00 ($44,286.08)(€38,138.21)
This Ford Mustang convertible was delivered in 1967. The car has beautiful white paint and fabulous chrome. This Mustang has several options such as powerbrakes and power top. The car has the original 4736 CC, V8 (289 CUI), 200 HP engine and automatic gearbox. The car is registered on the Belgian papers as 1965.
  • 45569 Km
  • Year Built 1967
  • 4736 Engine

1966 Ford Mustang

£35,010.00 ($46,207.77)(€39,793.14)
This Ford Mustang was delivered in the beautiful Wimbledon White colour and is in a very well restored condition. Not only the exterior but the interior was renewed as well and provided with new leatherette and a modern radio with a classic Mustang look. The V8 engine makes a great sound and is ready for lead-free fuel. Technics were fully checked also and the brakes are fully revised. The Ford drives great and is operated by the manual gearbox. This marvellous Ford Mustang cabriolet is ready for a lot of pleasure rides during summer.
  • 40950 Km
  • Year Built 1966
  • 4728 Engine

1957 - MG - A

£39,901.00 ($52,663.14)(€45,352.35)
This is a beautiful fully restored 1957 MGA in old English white with black leather seats and white piping. Including original lucas lamps, chrome wire wheels and other beautiful chrome details. Wooden steering wheel. Are you looking for a great MGA, check our website.
  • 140307 Km
  • Year Built 1957
  • 1489 Engine

1967 Ford Mustang

£39,950.00 ($52,727.81)(€45,408.05)
This Ford Mustang convertible was delivered with beautiful Wimbledon White paint, provided with the original Mustang wheels and the dairy original ‘Lower Back Panel’ between the tail lights. The interior has two-tone green vinyl and a beautiful original dashboard. The Ford has a power top, furnished with white vinyl and a functioning airco. The Mustang drives great and is a pleasure to drive.
  • 95659 Km
  • Year Built 1967
  • 4736 Engine

1968 - Peugeot - 404

£44,531.00 ($58,774.02)(€50,614.91)
This marvellous Peugeot 404 convertible was designed by the Italian Pininfarina. The very elegant Peugeot was delivered with fabulous Blanc Arosa paint and finished with beautiful chrome and a black soft top. Only 7375 Peugeots 404 cabriolet Injection were built, just a few are left. The interior of the car has black leather and original dashboard with round clocks. The seats offer a lot of comfort which makes driving very pleasant. The elegant Peugeot drives really great and is a real fan car.
  • 8619 Km
  • Year Built 1968
  • 1618 Engine

1991 - Porsche - 964

£57,427.00 ($75,794.74)(€65,272.79)
This Porsche 964 Carrera 2 cabriolet was delivered in 1991 in beautiful Nachtblau paint with the original alloy wheels. Recently the 3600 CC engine was revised and connected to the 5 speed manual gearbox. Invoice of the revision is present. The interior is provided with black leather and has a lot of comfort. The Porsche is ready for lotsof driving fun.
  • 20000 Km
  • Year Built 1991
  • 3600 Engine

1969 - Jaguar - E-Type

£92,586.00 ($122,199.17)(€105,235.28)
This Jaguar E-Type Series 2 cabriolet was built in 1969. In the meantime this Jaguar is restored and provided with a beautiful British Racing Green paint and fabulous chrome wire wheels. The Jaguar drives great and is powered by the original matching numbers 6 cyl engine. The interior of the Jaguar has beige leather and is very comfortable. The dashboard has the beautiful original wooden steering wheel. This fabulous E-Type drives great and is ready for lots of driving fun.
  • 87683 Km
  • Year Built 1969
  • 4235 Engine

1956 - Alfa Romeo - Guilietta

£101,680.00 ($134,201.84)(€115,571.72)
For sale a unique early Alfa Romeo Giuletta Spider 750D from 1956. Delivered to Hoffman in USA. Car is restored and had Corsa Rosso Piant and beautiful chrome. Matching numbers 1290 cc engine. Car runs and drives great, leather interior. Great investment potential.
  • 85448 Km
  • Year Built 1956
  • 1290 Engine

1974 - Aston Martin - V8

£105,633.00 ($139,419.19)(€120,064.79)
This fabulous Aston Martin V8 coupe was delivered in 1974. Only 967 of this version were built. The car has fabulous Dark Blue paint with the original Aston Martin wheels. The interior has grey leather with a beautiful original dashboard. The original manual, invoices and the original workshop manual are present.
  • 157069 Km
  • Year Built 1974
  • 5340 Engine

1997 - Porsche - 993

£128,161.00 ($169,152.66)(€145,670.61)
This Porsche 993 Turbo was delivered in 1997 at the Porsche Zentrum Köln, Germany in the original 744-9-4 black paint with the original Turbo wheels and an electronically adjustable sunroof. The air cooled 3600CC engine is fully revised and has driven only 5423 Kms since the latest revision, 172.394 kms in total. This Porsche was always fully dealer maintained and all the invoices (incl 3 revisions) with history are available. The interior is furnished with black leather and has electronically adjustable seats with heating and the original Porsche Traffic Pro radio. This car looks as new and is great for the real Porsche enthusiasts. The car was advertised at competitive wholesale price, that’s why the car comes without warranty.
  • 5423 Km
  • Year Built 1997
  • 3600 Engine

2008 - Rolls Royce - Phantom

£232,232.00 ($306,510.24)(€263,960.00)
With this Phantom Drophead, Rolls-Royce created a high class convertible. The impressive appearance has a beautiful stainless steel car hood and framing which makes the car even look better. The interior is an oasis of peace and luxury, with beige leather of the highest quality, finished with beautiful woodparts. The rear side of the car has beautiful teak. This Phantom Drophead also has a camera and live television on board. This Rolls-Royce has the impressive V12 engine with 453 HP which makes you feel like a king while driving.
  • 25070 Km
  • Year Built 2008
  • 6749 Engine