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1974 Porsche 911S Targa 2.7

Price On Request
Porsche 911S Targa - More details to follow...
  • Year Built 1974
  • 2700 Engine

1979 Land Rover Range Rover

Price On Request
Land Rover Range Rover - More details to follow...
  • Year Built 1979

1972 Pontiac Catalina 454 Big Block...

£10,952.50 ($14,160.00)(€12,500.00)
This 1972 Pontiac Catalina Coupe just arrived out of sunny Florida.Our Catalina shows no rust what so ever on body or undercarriage.All electrics are in good working order. The light yellow paint of this car is in very good shape. The brown leather interior was completely reupholstered a short...
  • Year Built 1972
  • 7500 Engine

1986 Chevrolet C4 Convertible (1986)

£12,179.18 ($15,745.93)(€13,900.00)
Very nice and original 1986 Chevrolet Corvette C4 Convertible. This C4 Convertible is rust free. The 5.7 V8 engine runs strong and smooth. This iconic corvette has good paint and a very nice full leather interior. All displays and electronic systems are in full working order. This Corvette...
  • Year Built 1986
  • 5700 Engine

1993 Volkswagen Golf

£12,923.95 ($16,708.81)(€14,750.00)
Exceptionally original and wonderfully preserved 1993 VW Golf Karmann Convertible. Probably not the car you are used to from Legendary Classics but sometimes you come across something so great that you just not can pass it up. This VW golf is in absolute top condition and except for the soft top...
  • Year Built 1993
  • 1800 Engine

1995 Jaguar XJ-S

£13,931.58 ($18,011.53)(€15,900.00)
This 1995 Jaguar XJS Convertible was recently imported out of Florida. We can categorise this XJS as a nice and strong daily driver. This Jaguar has no rust on undercarriage or body. The 4.2 engine runs strong and smooth and the automatic gearbox shifts without hesitation. The car has good paint...
  • Year Built 1995
  • 4200 Engine

1982 Mercedes - Benz 380SL roadster

£17,085.90 ($22,089.61)(€19,500.00)
Very nice condition, low mileage , matching numbers 1982 Mercedes 380SL. This Mercedes SL is in very nice shape technically as well as optically. This 380SL has NO rust on undercarriage or body. The 3.8 6 cylinder runs nice and strong. The grey metallic paint is in good condition and the original...
  • Year Built 1982
  • 3800 Engine

1966 Ford Mustang V8 Coupe

£20,941.18 ($27,073.93)(€23,900.00)
This 1966 Ford Mustang V8 Coupe just arrived from Kansas USA . We bought this 1966 “stang “ from the very first owner who took very good car of the car.
  • Year Built 1966

1973 Triumph TR6

£21,817.38 ($28,206.73)(€24,900.00)
Very nice matching numbers 1973 Triumph TR6. Overall condition very good. This British roadster shows no rust on body or undercarriage. Our TR6 recently received a full service including a full rebuild of the carburation system. The 2.5 6 cylinder engine runs strong and smooth. The British racing...
  • Year Built 1973
  • 2500 Engine

1979 Alfa Romeo Spider

£21,817.38 ($28,206.73)(€24,900.00)
The car was recently totally repainted in its original silver metallic colour and looks beautiful. In short ; A great driving ,honest & beautiful roadster that is ready for the summer.
  • Year Built 1979

1976 Chevrolet Corvette 5.7 V8...

£21,817.38 ($28,206.73)(€24,900.00)
This 1976 Chevrolet Corvette C3 Targa was imported by us several years ago and sold to a Dutch client. Since the client is looking for an “upgrade “ we are happy to offer the car for sale again.
  • Year Built 1976

1966 Ford Mustang Coupe 351

£22,693.58 ($29,339.53)(€25,900.00)
This Mustang coupe has good paint and all chrome trim is in good condition. The blue leather interior is fully original but in good shape. Of course no missing switches or broken dials and everything in working order. In short an enormously powerful and beautiful mustang ready for the open road.
  • Year Built 1966

1938 Talbot Lago Minor T4

£26,198.38 ($33,870.73)(€29,900.00)
This sympathetic 1938 Talbot Lago T4 was originally delivered in France. This lovely second owner luxury sedan has made its way to a Belgian collection a few years ago. Since it was body off restored somewhere during the eighties this car is still in a very nice overall condition. Especially the...
  • Year Built 1938
  • 2300 Engine

1960 Austin - Healey MK1

£26,198.38 ($33,870.73)(€29,900.00)
This simply incredible 1960 Austin Healey Sprite Mk1 or so called “frogeye” is in impeccable condition. This Sprite was originally delivered as a rarely build left hand drive in Germany where is spend most of its life. Our Healey is now offered out of Belgian private collection. Since this...
  • Year Built 1960
  • 968 Engine

1980 Renault Overige Estafette...

£28,826.98 ($37,269.13)(€32,900.00)
This 1980 Renault Estafette is simply beautiful. This original French police van was restored a few years ago and is now better than it ever came of the assembly line. Of course this sympathetic Estafette shows no rust . The fully rebuild 1300 cc engine runs great and the manual gearbox shifts perfectly.
  • Year Built 1980

1966 Ford Mustang Cabrio/Roadster

£32,331.78 ($41,800.33)(€36,900.00)
This very nice 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible V8 was just imported out of Sunny California. Overall condition is very good. No rust on undercarriage or body. The 4.7 V8 engine runs strong and smooth and the automatic gearbox shifts without problems...
  • Year Built 1966

1988 Porsche 944 Turbo S Coupe...

£32,331.78 ($41,800.33)(€36,900.00)
This matching numbers 1988 Porsche 944 Turbo S coupe Silver Rose is a true find. Not only the famous Silver rose is very rare, but finding one in this truly great and original condition is nearly impossible.
  • Year Built 1988

1967 Ford Mustang Convertible V8...

£32,857.50 ($42,480.01)(€37,500.00)
This Mustang convertible has brand new off white paint and all chrome trim looks great. The two tone beige/brown full leather interior is reupholstered. A brand new electric soft top was fitted which closes nicely. In short a beautiful convertible with a roaring V8 ready for the open road.
  • Year Built 1967

1986 Porsche 911 Carrera

£43,722.38 ($56,526.74)(€49,900.00)
This matching numbers 1986 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera Convertible is in very good condition overall. This 911 was partially restored by a known Porsche specialist in Germany. Of course undercarriage and body show absolutely no rust. The 3.2 flat six engine runs smooth & performs to its full potential....
  • Year Built 1986
  • 3200 Engine

1961 Austin Healey 3000 MKll

£55,112.98 ($71,253.14)(€62,900.00)
The car was body off restored about 8 years ago and was only driven just under 5000 miles since. The restauration was fully documented. A photo report and a recent appraisal can be reviewed on request. Of course our MK2 shows no rust what so ever.
  • Year Built 1961

1979 Porsche 911 Outlaw 3.2

£60,895.90 ($78,729.63)(€69,500.00)
This high quality build 1979 Porsche 911 Outlaw is everything the real driver looks for in a car. This 911 is beautiful , incredibly well balanced and of course fast. The heart of this monster is a fully rebuild and tuned 3.2 Carrera engine coupled to a 5 speed transmission.
  • Year Built 1979

1987 BMW M3

£69,657.90 ($90,057.63)(€79,500.00)
This 1987 BMW M3 was originally delivered in Italy. Over 15 years ago the car was exported to Belgium where it is registered to this day. The car came in to the possession of a chief mechanic at BMW Belgium who kept the car in incredible condition. You could say this M3 is in better shape than when...
  • Year Built 1987
  • 2300 Engine

1971 Porsche 911E

£105,056.37 ($135,822.76)(€119,900.00)
This matching numbers 1971 Porsche 911E recently underwent a complete high level body off restoration. The car was brought back to its original rare and sought after colour scheme namely Condagreen ( exterior ) with a beige leather interior. Of course engine and gearbox where fully rebuild and the...
  • Year Built 1971
  • 2200 Engine

1959 Mercedes Benz 190 SL Roadster

£117,848.89 ($152,361.65)(€134,500.00)
This Beautiful Mercedes 190SL was originally build in 1959 and originally delivered in Germany. This 190SL is in very good shape. Since it was professionally restored a number of years ago this is certainly a beautiful and more then presentable driver.
  • Year Built 1959