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1939 Mercedes - Benz 170V A 2 seater...

Price On Request
We are finishing the restoration of this very nice and very rare Mercedes 170 SA convertible from 1939. It is a perfectly running /driving car. All the wood in the car is renewed, it has perfect paint! This car is a true...
  • Year Built 1939

1960 Mercedes - Benz 300 Dora

Price On Request
Very nice 1960 Mercedes Dora. A Mercedes Top Model in the sixtees. Perfect body, perfect red leather interior. All chrome is nice and complete on the car. Brakes are all rebuilt. Now with an americain engine, but we have the...
  • Year Built 1960

1976 Mercedes - Benz 450SL ''76

£7,869.90 (€9,250.00)($10,982.53)
A VERY solid and running/driving 1976 Mercedes 450SL to restore, with perfect floors. All complete as well, with hardtop and softtop. And we can place EU bumpers on this car for you. Biggest choice in REAL Classic Cars in...
  • Year Built 1976

1973 Mercedes - Benz 450 SL- black

£8,380.38 (€9,850.00)($11,694.91)
Nice Mercedes 450 SL from 1973. It is a original car imported in Europe. All duties are paid for. It is not a runnng car at the moment. Work on interior and floors. Biggest choice in REAL Classic Cars in the Stolze...
  • Year Built 1973

1977 Mercedes - Benz 450SL ''77

£8,933.40 (€10,500.00)($12,466.65)
Very solid and original Mercedes 450SL from 1977. Good car to restore. It needs a paintjob and new seats. It comes with the hardtop and the softtop. And off course, we can install EU bumpers on the car. Biggest choice in...
  • Year Built 1977

1975 Mercedes - Benz 450SL red

£9,231.18 (€10,850.00)($12,882.21)
A good running/driving and solid 1975 Mercedes 450SL. Comes with hardtop and softtop. Has a good interior and European lights. It needs some paint but it is still very solid. Drive it home. And off course, we can mount EU...
  • Year Built 1975

1973 Mercedes - Benz 450 SL 1973

£9,231.18 (€10,850.00)($12,882.21)
Very good running/driving, solid and all Original 1973 Mercedes 450SL. Complete but needs some restoration. Comes with a hardtop and softtop. Biggest choice in REAL Classic Cars in the Stolze Collection with more than 450...
  • Year Built 1973

1985 Mercedes - Benz 380SE sedan

£9,571.50 (€11,250.00)($13,357.13)
Here a perfect Mercedes with Class ! In and outsite as well as enginewise is it still like new ! PERFECT running, driving car, also the leather is still very nice. Boy what a nice car. Comes with dutch registration. ...
  • Year Built 1985

1972 Mercedes - Benz 350SL Roadster...

£10,932.78 (€12,850.00)($15,256.81)
Nice, perfectly running/driving 1972 Mercedes 350SL roadster. It has a hardtop and softtop. The softtop is not perfect but it is OK. The floor is renewed partly and done correctly like in the factory .!! A good car with a...
  • Year Built 1972

1976 Mercedes - Benz 450SL silver

£11,485.80 (€13,500.00)($16,028.55)
A nice and complete, VERY solid, original and good running 1976 Mercedes 450SL with hardtop and softtop. Also has the very rare optional rear bench. And off course, we can place EU bumpers on the car for you. Needs new paint...
  • Year Built 1976

1973 Mercedes - Benz 450 SL gold

£11,783.58 (€13,850.00)($16,444.11)
1973 Mercedes 450 SL cabrio with hardtop and softtop. Very nice, solid car. Perfectly running and driving. Has the nice European bumpers and nice leather interior. Biggest choice in REAL Classic Cars in the Stolze...
  • Year Built 1973

1981 Mercedes - Benz 380 SL ''81

£11,868.66 (€13,950.00)($16,562.84)
An Original, good running/driving and complete 1981 Mercedes 380SL Cabrio. Has a hardtop and softtop. It needs some cosmetics to make it really nice. But this is a cheap good useable car as is. It also has the original...
  • Year Built 1981

1975 Mercedes - Benz 450 SL blue

£12,974.70 (€15,250.00)($18,106.33)
Very nice ''75 Mercedes 450SL convertible. Perfectly running/driving car. NO rust. Also a good useable and nice car with hardtop and softtop. Drive it home. Biggest choice in REAL Classic Cars in "the Stolze...
  • Year Built 1975

1988 Mercedes - Benz 560 SL black...

£13,612.80 (€16,000.00)($18,996.80)
A very well driveable and solid 1988 Mercedes 560SL. Has a hardtop and softtop. Very nice with original floors and NO rust or damage whatsoever. Seats need some work. Drive it home. VAT 21% is included in the price. ...
  • Year Built 1988

1988 Mercedes - Benz 560SL black ''88

£13,995.66 (€16,450.00)($19,531.09)
Very nice, good running original 560SL roadsterfrom 1988 with automatic gearbox. Comes with hardtop and softtop and perrfect floors.The rear window in softtop needs to be renewed and the paint is not perfect but good car. No...
  • Year Built 1988

1979 Mercedes - Benz 280SLC

£14,335.98 (€16,850.00)($20,006.01)
Very nice, perfectly running / driving 280 SLC.No rust, very original, very nice !With dutch registration / MOT. Biggest choice in REAL Classic Cars in "the Stolze Collection" with more than 450 cars in stock !...
  • Year Built 1979

1973 Mercedes - Benz 450SL ''73 blue

£14,676.30 (€17,250.00)($20,480.93)
BEAUTIFUL, original, solid, perfectly running/driving 1973 Mercedes 450SL Roadster with hardtop and softtop. Very nice in and out. Has perfect original floors and the original V8 engine. Drive it anyhwere! Biggest choice in...
  • Year Built 1973

1974 Mercedes - Benz 350SL ''74

£14,676.30 (€17,250.00)($20,480.93)
Very nice, perfectly running/driving 1974 Mercedes 350SL. A European model with hard- and softtop. Hardtop needs some paint to make it nice again. Needs a little repair on the floor, which we can do for you. Very nice paint,...
  • Year Built 1974

1986 Mercedes - Benz 560 SL roadster

£15,186.78 (€17,850.00)($21,193.31)
A very nice and Original 1986 Mercedes 560SL Roadster. Running/driving perfectly. It comes with a hardtop and softtop. A VERY nice rustfree and original car. Can be driven anywhere. Biggest choice in REAL Classic Cars in the...
  • Year Built 1986

1987 Mercedes - Benz 560SL roadster...

£15,314.40 (€18,000.00)($21,371.40)
Very nice Mercedes 560SL roadster from 1987. An original and very solid car. It''s a perfectly running / driving car. It comes with a softtop and hardtop, it has 2 little spots of some rust left and right of the sills just...
  • Year Built 1987

1988 Mercedes - Benz 560SL Roadster...

£15,527.10 (€18,250.00)($21,668.23)
Very nice Mercedes 560SL Roadster from 1988. Very original and good running/driving car. It has a nice interior with perfect floors and it comes with the hardtop and softtop. You can drive it home. And we can place EU...
  • Year Built 1988

1989 Mercedes - Benz 560SL ''89

£16,037.58 (€18,850.00)($22,380.61)
A very nice, good running/driving 1989 Mercedes 560Sl. Has a very good and Original 8 cil. engine, a nice interior, good floors, a hardtop and a softtop. Drive this beauty home! Price is including VAT. And off course, we...
  • Year Built 1989

1986 Mercedes - Benz 560SL Roadster

£16,803.31 (€19,750.00)($23,449.18)
Beautiful, very solid, perfectly running/driving, all original 1986 Mercedes 560SL Roadster with hardtop and good softtop. Very good useable car "as is". Drive it home! And we can place EU bumpers on this car for...
  • Year Built 1986

1956 Mercedes - Benz 190

£114,858.04 (€135,000.00)($160,285.54)
Proposta di vendita - Mercedes 190 SL CabrioletLa 190 SL è una vettura di categoria roadster di fascia medio-alta prodotta dal 1955 al 1963 dalla Mercedes. La casa tedesca arrivò alla progettazione della 190SL per...
  • 2000 Km
  • Year Built 1956
  • 1897 Engine