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1931 Auburn 8-98 Sedan - Straight...

£53,243.41 (€59,950.00)($66,100.89)
The Auburns from the Cord-Duesenberg production are beautiful pre war cars and drive as much younger cars. This beautiful Auburn is powered by a Lycoming straight eight engine and runs perfect. The 3-speed gearbox shifts excellent and the...
  • Year Built 1931
  • 4400 Engine

1935 Auburn 851 Dual-Ratio Phaeton...

£106,531.22 (€119,950.00)($132,256.91)
The Auburn was in his time one of the high society cars and is till today still a very searched after car. There have been only 500 Auburns in 1935/1936, this makes it a true sought after collectors item. This beautiful 1935 Auburn 851 Phaeton...
  • Year Built 1935
  • 4600 Engine

1931 Auburn 8-98A Boatail Speedster

£112,766.57 (€126,970.76)($139,998.00)
The beautiful Boatail Speedster built in Auburn, Indiana to capture the press of the "New York Auto show" and that it did. The racy lines and Boatail give the car an aviation look like its moving when standing still. Famed...
  • Year Built 1931
  • 8 Engine