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2009 Superformance GT40
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This amazing car was built as a one-off project to commemorate the Holman Moody #5 entry in the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans, which placed 3rd overall in a 1,2,3 sweep of GT-40 MKII’s. 

The project was completed in 2009.It was packaged closely with Lee Holman who participated in providing historical detail that only he could provide for accuracy. Details included color, exterior lighting, graphics and drive train details. Mark Ray spent some amount of time locating a NOS FE 427 sideoiler block.The 427 power plant was built and invoiced by Holman Moody (Holman Automotive Inc). Internals include an original set of Le Mans rods similar to what the car had at Le Mans 1966. The intake is a recasting of the original with a single 4V Holley camshaft, which was ground by Larry Wallace of Holman Moody in the noted “882” profile. One very cool part of the package is the original-style stainless steel “bundle of snakes” in 2 1/4″ runner diameter and fully polished. These are, to our knowledge the only original style headers on an FE powered Superformance MK II GT-40. The transmission is a 2008 Quaife ZFQ installed by Olthoff Racing.

Other rare features include right hand drive and right rod “outboard” shifter. The car has a fire suppression system in place, MK I color-keyed set of 15″ rims with Avon tread, AN EXTRA SET OF correct MK II 15″ RIMS with Avon tires and it’s own custom JACKS.and special item for the track has rear oil radiator for transaxle brake duct special fan to extract hot air etc...


The Superformance GT40s are not replicas or kit cars, but rather an authentic continuation model of the famed GT40. The Superformance GT40 is so original it even carries an original GT40 P chassis number, and is fully eligible for both the Shelby American Automobile Club and Safir GT40 registries.

The GT40 continuation is built to exacting standards - in fact over two thirds of its parts are interchangeable with that of an original car, including the monocoque style chassis. The Superformance GT40 chassis is an exact replication of the original monocoque unibody structure down to the pressed steel roof spider. The only departure is the use of electro-galvanized sheet steel in the construction. The chassis, at over 12,000 pounds per degree is stiffer than any other chassis on the market, and is made up of over 244 lase cut and bent or pressed parts. The Superformance GT40 also boasts a pressed steel roof and beautifully finished body.

The GT40 continuation accurately replicates the original chassis, suspension, wheel hubs, uprights, pedal box, instruments, steering, dash, "bundle of snakes" headers, catches and latches to name but a few similarities. GT40 owners also have the luxury of modern safety modifications such as Wilwood super light brakes, Bilstein shocks with H& R springs, an adjustable pedal box and cross flow radiator. 



There are few racecars more cemented in the memories of todays race drivers than the iconic Ford GT40. Built with an unprecedented budget to beat Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the GT40 went on to exceed all expectations winning in 1966, 1967, 1968 and 1969. Driven by such storied drivers as Jacky Ickx, A.J Foyt, Chris Amon, Bruce McLaren, Ken Miles, Denny Hulme, Paul Hawkins, Dan Gurney, Mario Andretti and Bob Bondurant to name a few. The GT40 became synonymous with championship-winning, high-performance, high-reliability sports car racing. But with original cars selling in the millions of dollars, until recently it was believed that historic and vintage racing would rarely see GT40s race again.




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