Car Details

Beautiful 1961 Jensen 541 S. Supplied in England to the former director of George Lyles & Sons Ltd. After being used for 10 years it went into climate controlled storage for 25 years! When it came out in 1996, it underwent a 4-year complete restoration and mechanical overhaul. This carefully executed English restoration has been fully documented, as has other work carried out since. Even the original British number plate “Registration Book 1961’ is still present! Aesthetically as well as mechanically this car remains in excellent condition. It has the 4.0 six in-line engine. The bodywork is very neat with likewise body panel fittings. The paint finish is good and the chrome details are perfect. Only 127 were ever produced, of which 107 with the Rolls-Royce/ General Motors Hydramatic 4-speed automatic transmission. In summary: This is quite a rare vehicle, especially considering its rich provenance!

  • Transmissions Automatic