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1970 Porsche 911 2.3 S/T
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The Repsol Team and the Porsche 911, a Legend in the History of Spanish Rally Driving

In the early 70s two Spanish rally drivers, Eladio Doncel and Alberto Ruiz Gimenez, caused quite a sensation with their twin Porsche 911s. It all began in 1970 when Repsol, the Spanish oil company, decided to start a motor racing team. In doing so, Repsol became the first Spanish concern to sponsor motorsport. In addition to driving duties, Eladio Doncel also became the director of the racing team with a generous budget of over 8 Million Pesetas. The Repsol Team was the first professionally organised racing team in Spain.

The races were very well suited for Porsche. For this reason Ben Heiderich, who was Spains Porsche importer, was commissioned by Porsche Deutschland to order two identically constructed Porsche 911 ST 2,3 Group 4s. Eladio Doncel went to Stuttgart in 1970 to collect the cars in person and brought them back to Spain. The cars were imported to Spain with the customs license plates 482-Z-9869/ FIN 9110301151 and 428-Z-9743/ FIN9110301149 respectively. Both cars were completely identical in their construction and were built by Porsche for the servicio de competicion, in other words for racing. Both cars were embellished with Repsols logo of a white R on a blue background.

It was mainly Eladio Doncel and Alberto Ruiz Gimenez with their respective co-pilots who took part in various Spanish rallies with their two Porsches. In the same year (1970) they succeeded in entering the current racing season. Doncel and Gimenez clearly dominated the Spanish Championships, with Alberto Ruiz Gimenez winning the Championship and becoming Campeon de Espana de Rallyes, just ahead of Eladio Doncel in second place. In 1971 the Spanish Automobile Association (Federacion Espanola) introduced a bonus point system to encourage domestic cars. Renault quickly made use of this home advantage by maintaining second place behind the Repsol Porsches and, with the help of the bonus points, winning many competitions. At the end of the season, Lucas Sainz won the Spanish Championship thanks to the bonus points. In reality, the Repsol Team had won 14 competitions with Alberto Ruiz Gimenez coming in 1st overall on eight occasions.

Eladio Doncel took part in many significant races in 1972 until - in the Internacional de Oviedo Rally (September 1972) - he h ... For more information visit