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Superformance Corvette Grand Sport
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The original Corvette Grand Sports are all privately owned or held within private collections. These racers are extremely high in value and are jealously coveted. Their value is determined by an element of mystique, the mystery of the unknown… Had this rarity been tested, who knows what might have been?

The opportunity to own and share in the Corvette Grand Sport experience is now finally within your grasp… Superformance and Duntov Motor Company have painstakingly reproduced the chassis, body parts and all accessories needed to replicate this extraordinary car.

YES… The SUPERFORMANCE CORVETTE GRAND SPORT coupe or roadster can now be yours. This spectacular dream street car will be offered as a complete TKM [turn key minus] unit, awaiting your personal choice of engine and transmission. Technical originality will be observed with discipline and precision.



In 1962, with the blessing of Chevrolet’s senior management, Zora Arkus-Duntov initiated a program to create a competitive road racer based on the newly designed Corvette C-2 Stingray™.

Duntov’s objective was to use the element of surprise to unleash high horsepower, superior handling race cars to the international road racing community. He based his racer on the footprint of a street capable/legal car.

The Corvette Grand Sport racer eventually qualified as a GT production car within the realms governing international rules and regulations. However, on hearing of Duntov’s plan to make the racer available to independent road racers, albeit without the official G.M. endorsement, G.M. executives stopped the program with immediate effect.

At this point in time, only 5 corvettes had been completed. General Motors instructed Duntov to destroy all the prototypes. However, miraculously, all the prototypes escaped destruction. Elusively, these rare Corvette Grand Sports were to establish their place in automobile racing history, via responsible and passionate private racers. The heritage of the Corvette Grand Sport was thereby preserved for future generations.

  • Exterior Colour Blue