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1970 Mercedes Benz 600
£97,798.36 ($124,122.64)(€109,950.00)
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Uniquely we have an incredible authentic Mercedes Benz 600 available! The 600 was the absolute pinnacle of Mercedes chique with more luxury options than we care to mention. It was also know as the Big one or ‘Der Große Mercedes’ in German.

This particular car was acquired in Sweden, were for the last 20 years it had been in possession of just one person. The straight bodywork is in exemplary condition with correctly fitting body panels. The solid underbody is also completely original. Thanks to meticulous maintenance the car is in perfect working order, including all the many accessories. It has a very nice tan leather trim, original rims; surround tinted windows, aircon and a sunroof. It is not often that we see such a well looked-after example. Supremely suitable for many more stately miles of driving pleasure!

  • Body Types Sedan
  • Transmissions Automatic
  • Colour Exterior Brown
  • Drive LHD