Car Details

Supplied from new by Berkey Cars of Pleasanton, California on the 22nd February 1986. An original ‘blue plate’ car. This is the 2nd generation 928 S with the manual driven, 292 PS (288 bhp), 5.0 V8 engine. Not many manuals went into production. This model is the only sports car that received the ‘Car of the year’ award; its design was well ahead of the times. The front placed aluminium V8 block and with the gearbox situated over the rear or transaxle, it allowed for a better weight distribution. The special rear wheel configuration allowed for the wheels to gently join in the steering in fast cornering. The bonnet, front mudguards and door are all made from aluminium, the bodywork has been fully galvanised. The bumpers are synthetic. Finished in a client specified colour blue, L999, in a wonderful combination with a full blue leather trim. This rather tasty manual Porsche has a sunroof and only done 142,273 miles. The straight bodywork has perfectly fitting body panels. The finish exudes a beautiful lustre. Thanks to the dry Californian atmosphere the original underbody is totally uncorroded. This car comes with the original car wallet containing the original service book and owners manual. In short, this is one fantastic manual 928 S!

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