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Cod. TRM00002


The TR3 (Triumph Roadster 3 abbreviation) is a car produced by Triumph from 1955 to 1962.
The updated version, known informally as TR3A, went into production in 1957 while the final version, called (unofficially) TR3B, was only assembled in 1962. The TR3 was part of the category of front-engined, rear-wheel drive British roadsters.
The TR3 was fitted with a four-cylinder in-line engine and overhead valves with a displacement of 1,991 cm³. Initially, this engine delivered SAE 95 PS, which is 5 PS more than the TR2. The four-speed manual gearbox could be complemented by an overdrive on the three highest gears. In 1956 the front drum brakes were replaced by Girling disc brakes which allowed the TR3 to become one of the first British cars to feature stock front discs and rear drums. In addition to the upgraded engine, a new grille was planned and automatic return wipers were installed. Thanks to the greater power of the engine, the TR3 reached 177 km / h of speed. The front suspensions were wishbones, coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers, while the rear ones were leaf spring and lever shock absorbers. Optional 48-spoke wheels. The chassis was the same as the TR2 and this allowed the TR3 to maintain small dimensions and to fall into the category of Sports cars. The weight of the TR3 was significantly higher than that of the Morgan Plus 4 and Porsche 356, but it was not much higher than that of the MG A and MG B, although the models mentioned (except the Morgan, which had the same engine as the TR3), however, had a less powerful engine. The driving responsiveness of the TR3 was excellent overall, despite the tendency of the rear to "run away" when cornering. The TR3 was a real roadster, explicitly designed to be used with an open body, although still equipped with a soft top. The hard-top is among the options. 13,377 units of the TR3 were assembled, 1,286 of which were sold in the UK and the rest exported mainly to the United States.


The car's paint is in good condition as is the mechanics. The car has been kept in good working order by its previous owner, who in recent years has made use of it sporadically and especially for participation in historical rallies. The interior has been restored and the two-tone black / red seats show no traces of scratches. All the instruments, completely original, are in perfect working order. Original three-spoke steering wheel in wood and metal. Rearview mirror in central position on the dashboard. The engine has recently been overhauled and some parts replaced, it starts without particular problems.
Front grille and bumper in very good condition. Spoked wheels in very good condition, as are the tires. Well preserved original front and rear lights.
The black canvas top is not damaged and performs its tasks well, no infiltrations of rainwater or when washing the car are detected.
The TR3 is the ideal spider for those who want a fun and recreational classic.

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  • Body Types Convertible
  • Fuels Petrol
  • Exterior Colour Red
  • Interior Colour Black
  • Drive LHD