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£137,950.00 ($179,476.95)(€159,535.04)
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£399,950.00 ($520,346.55)(€462,530.18)
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£1,349,950.00 ($1,756,324.10)(€1,561,176.68)
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£826,269.05 ($1,075,000.00)(€955,555.37)
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£841,641.50 ($1,095,000.00)(€973,333.15)
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£995,365.98 ($1,295,000.00)(€1,151,110.89)
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£114,975.00 ($149,585.81)(€132,965.14)
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£139,975.00 ($182,111.53)(€161,876.89)
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£430,000.00 ($559,442.47)(€497,282.10)

The Hodson Family have been servicing and restoring classic road cars and preparing historic race cars in Twyford, Leicestershire, for over 35 years.

As well as specialising in Jaguar, RHC also have extensive knowledge of Aston Martin, Austin Healey, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Alvis and MG, ranging from early 1900’s to the modern classic, our previous restoration pages will give a good insight into the range of work       we can carry out.

We constantly endeavour to carry out as much as possible in-house. Whether it be individual panel making, engine rebuilds, restoration or just a service, our small but experienced team are dedicated to carrying out their individual roles in order to accomplish any job.

The team at RH Classics have completed many restoration projects over the years, working with a variety of marks and standards.

Jaguar E-Type’s form the mainstay on the restoration side of the business, with other restoration projects including classic Aston Martin and Ferrari models.

Whether you require your car re-commissioning, full concourse restoration, one-off custom build, or simply some advice, our experienced team are on hand to help.

If you are planning to restore your classic car, please contact us on richard@rhclassics.co.uk




David Terry Classic Repairs is an independent repairer of Rolls-Royce and Bentley Motor Car specialist and as an
accredited member of the Rolls-Royce and Bentley Specialist Association.

We were formed in 1990 in the United Kingdom and continued in The Netherlands in 2004. David Terry has been associated with    Rolls-Royce, Bentley and associated products since 1973. In which time he worked with various companies including Hooper the Coachworks and the factory workshops at School Road in West London.

David Terry Classic Repairs is offering repairs to Rolls-Royce and Bentley models between 1920 to mid 1990’s. In 2008 he moved into Vlijmen in a very private and secure work shop. Since then there has been vast internal building improvements and progression enabling him to be accepted by the Rolls-Royce and Bentley Specialist Association and FOCWA Netherlands.

Increasing shortage or no longer available parts he is producing parts in conjunction with other parties to manufacture them to their original standards and a high level of quality assurance. It is a small personal company delivering factory standards of work that have earned some of his clients official recognition in the concourse and touring classes at the RREC annual rally over the past few years and prior to his Dutch expansion. 

For more information about the services offered by David Terry Classic Repairs or a quotation please contact David Terry at +31 73 511 93 82 or +31 6 106 92 346 or send an e-mail to info@classicrepairs.nl.


Terry Hoyle's passion for Ferrari started at an early age working as an apprentice for Colonel Ronnie Hoare, the legendary first importer of Ferrari's into the UK, 40 years ago. From humble beginnings collecting 275's from the factory
for the Colonel, Terry immersed himself into real work(!)

Over time Hoyle Fox has built up a worldwide reputation, undertaking restoration projects on some of the most significant competition Ferrari's, from 250 GTO's to numerous F1 and sports racers. Nowadays we focus on all Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati models and love every minute of it!

We provide all the services necessary to undertake full or partial restorations of road and race Ferraris and other exotic marques.

Our craftsmen regularly undertake the following activities:

Engine Building + Precision Machining + Dyno Testing In-house Crank balancing + Bodywork + Trim 

In addition to restoration work on the most significant road and race Ferrari - we also undertake a lot of classic Lamborghini restoration with a number of Lamborghini Miura projects recently - see our case studies page for more details of our latest Lamborghini Miura restoration as well as work on classic Ferrari.


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